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Chocolatier Julie and You

Best Chocolatier and Confectioner

July 05, 2016

Welcome! Are you a chocolate connoisseur or gifting for a chocolate lover? You're in for a treat - Chocolate for the Spirit makes handcrafted, luxury, award-winning chocolates. We specialize in ultra premium and rare fine chocolate - some of the world's best. What makes us unique? S-P-I-R-I-T S - Sourcing superior, sustainable grown cacao - some of the world's best P - Processes used to make our creations are true artisan, handcrafted I - Indulgence, luxury creations, beautifully packaged, perfect gift R - Real ingredients, no artificial added preservatives I - Inspired, creative - new twists on old favorites T - Taste, you will taste the difference Award-winning **2016 "Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners** **International Chocolate Salon 4 Stars** **Top Honors...

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