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Give our LUXURY Chocolate for Valentine's Day - Reserve Orders Now!

January 10, 2016

Note: We begin shipping our Valentine's Day Orders January 25 in order received. 

You've heard the phrase 'kid in a candy store'? Well, that's how I feel about Valentine's Day. While most of you are still recovering from Christmas, my small team of 'crazed cupids' and I are preparing beautiful packaging for your Valentine's Day gifting and enjoyment.

All our Valentine's Day creations are freshly made using some of the world's best chocolate - we pride ourselves on giving you 'something different', in a good way. Many make holiday chocolates months in advance with added preservatives, but not Chocolate for the Spirit.

In order to provide our customers the highest quality of freshly made chocolates, supplies will be limited.

Very IMPORTANT! Reserve your orders NOW for Valentine's Day. Our chocolates flew off the shelves in December, and we anticipate the same will happen for Valentine's Day with all the great press and recent awards we've received.

Click below to view our LOVE of special Valentine's Day selections.


Best to you and yours!

Chocolatier Julie and Team Chocolate

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