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Technology and the Chocolate Biz

November 25, 2012


It's Cyber Monday - Checkout our never before offered Cyber Monday Three Months of Chocolate slashed in half just for Cyber Monday - regularly $150 - just $75. After a successful "Brown Friday" and "Small Business Saturday" online experience (sorta, more on that later). I am reminded of how reliant we are on technology for our business, especially social media, web, and email. Yet in the midst of all this technology - I find customers whose experience with a chocolate company is walking into a store with counters and display cases of chocolates to be purchased individually (often by the pound) and packaged to the customer's wishes. 

When I started Chocolate for the Spirit, I did not have a retail store front. In fact, we started the business 4 years ago, yet our first retail store opened just this last May and is (to my mind) still in startup mode). My business model was always to focus on building an online business with direct customer contact at special events, big shows and small farmers/specialty markets. Most of what we make is packaged right after we make it and in retail sizes at $10.00 and under.

So, you can imagine my challenge as I took a call from a customer who was looking at our website and trying to navigate it like one would if standing in an old timey chocolate store and picking one of this and one of that and a quarter pound of something else...and then wrapping it to their specifications and shipping using their shipper.  Obviously we were on different pages.

So here is my quandary - my website is one I just built. I had not planned to build it myself.. in fact, I spent quite a bit of time working with others to build it - but they missed my deadlines and left me empty the new website I had planned to be completed in August was just completed by me and needs more work. For now, I will just say it is much improved over the previous one and 'serviceable'.

I will be working in the future to create a more 'personalized' online shopping experience that allows my customers to create some of their own packages. In the meantime...if you do not see what you need online - call me or send an email. Should you have any online issues (such as the coupon didn't work - as was experienced by a few this past weekend) - let me know and I'll fix it. We're going down this road know I'm not a giant corporation with mega resources...mostly me and a few willing extra hands :) You appreciate my devotion to premium chocolate and superior TASTE experiences.

So to my dear customers I say thanks for your patience and your business - and now my day begins. Going to ROCK OUT some awesome chocolates. Is a package coming your way? If not...ORDER NOW! Checkout our never before offered Cyber Monday Three Months of Chocolate slashed in half just for Cyber Monday - regularly $150 - just $75.


Yours in Spirit, Chocolatier Julie





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