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Truffles are coming! Truffles are coming!

December 02, 2012


Most chocolatiers, CFTS included, begin their journey into the world of chocolate by making truffles. Why? Well, they can be handmade (ours still are) and thus don't require expensive equipment to make.  From the very beginning, we made ours with some of the world's best chocolate, fresh cream and butter, flavorful fruit purees, gorgeous liqueurs and exotic spices.  We don't add artificial preservatives or yucky additives. Ours are made fresh and made to be enjoyed within days to savor all their natural goodness.  Chocolate for the Spirit's Holiday Truffles are extra special to us, and we hope to you.  We get excited about making them - we turn on the holiday music and make them with love, special care and in the spirit of the holidays. We do hope you enjoy them - pick them up at our Indianapolis City Market Boutique. Open M-Th from 11am - 4pm, Fri 11-6 and Sat from 9-4.  Ordering online? We're selecting some of our handmade truffles for all our towers and assortments. Enjoy.Share.Repeat :)  Special request? Call 317.518.8842 or email  Order today!

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