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Celebrating 60!

December 09, 2012

 Yes, it is my 60th birthday.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo?

Woo hoo :( Yep, that's the range of emotions I'm experiencing over the reality of the BIG 60! Having a December birthday has been interesting - throughout my school years (including college - just received MBA 4 years ago) it seems I spent many birthdays studying for or taking final exams. During my corporate years, we had big projects due in December so the pressure was on - no taking days off. Now, as the owner of Chocolate for the Spirit, I continue the tradition of working on my birthday - 'tis the Season! I'm not complaining - in fact, I celebrate the fact you have rewarded my efforts with demands for our chocolate - demands that keep me 'crazy busy' to keep up. So, I thank you for making me work on my birthday! Celebrate the day with me by ordering online - FREE SHIPPING for all online orders placed December 9th and 10th. Have a great day - hope your favorite football team wins (unless they're playing my team - GO COLTS!) Happy Birthday to ME!!!

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