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Chocolate for the Spirit and Easter Too!

March 17, 2013


Seriously, I love the holidays - every single one of them gives me the opportunity to create new delights for you - using our amazing Grand Cru, single-origin chocolates. All handmade, fresh - just for you! As a small artisan chocolatier - I don't make holiday selections months in advance. In fact as of today, I have not made a single Easter chocolate for sale!  However, that changes today...so all your Easter selections will be no more than 2 weeks old when enjoyed on Easter. Of course, you are certainly welcome to enjoy them before then - we will!

Rabbits are fan favorites for Easter and we've selected several options for you this year. I repeat -  all made with extreme premium chocolate - because that's the way we do it, right? Of course, we have gourmet peanut butter eggs...and because we know this is a time of year when many of our chocolates will make their way in the baskets of little ones, be assured that everything ordered from our Easter page is made without any of our fancy liqueurs...you will also note we keep colorants to a minimum. A touch of mineral luster, and a bit of color on our graphic design pieces - but frankly, we think most 'highly colored' chocolate tastes yucky - and we are ALL ABOUT THE TASTE. We'll use pretty colored ribbons on our packaging - spring colors, perfect for Easter.

Enjoy, Share, Repeat!



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