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Chocolate for the Spirit - the backstory

May 18, 2013


First I want to thank you for taking the time to read this – I know your time is valuable so giving your time to learn more about my passion and my business, Chocolate for the Spirit (CFTS), is appreciated.


About Julie:

I am the 60+ year old owner, President and certified Artisan Chocolatier for CFTS.  All CFTS’s gourmet chocolates are my personal creations. 100% mine. I personally wear many/most all the business’s hats starting with development of all recipes for each chocolate creation. I selected (and continue to source) the chocolate and other ingredients. Purchasing, Making, Packaging, Graphics, Website, Social Media, Photography, Marketing, Accounting – yep, I wear all those hats! My business is a personal one – financially backed from my savings (worked since age 14). CFTS is totally independent, not a manufacturer’s representative or affiliated with any other company….there is no multi-million dollar - mega company – anywhere behind the scene to provide chocolate, recipes, packaging, marketing etc….…to make sure. I just turned around to look and nobody  was there – nobody at all!   

Since leaving the corporate world in 2010 to focus full time on CFTS, I have received many honors as a chocolatier – Top 5 New York Chocolate Show, Indiana Artisan Award for Excellence, invited to exhibit at world’s most prestigious chocolate event, Salon du Chocolat Paris - just to name a few. CFTS has been honored to receive recognition by one of the country’s foremost pastry chefs, Florian Bellanger judge on “Cupcake Wars” (he loves our Toffee) and delighted to be showcased at MTV Movie Award and Kentucky Derby celebrity events, Rollingstone Magazine’s Superbowl bash, ESPN’s National College Championship football party and many, many more.  Yet, CFTS is truly a small, local business and I am a full-time artisan (handmade) chocolatier and small business owner who works the business seven days a week as do most small business owners. The true star in this company is the result of my efforts and passion – my gourmet chocolate creations.    

About Dale (Choc Doc):

My wish for anyone starting a business is that they have the kind of support I’ve had from my wonderful husband, Dale (who sometimes dons a white lab coat and stethoscope and writes prescriptions for CFTS as our “Choc Doc”).   Yes we get tired, and yes the financial risk of owning a business is stressful – but he’s there when I need him and if you see him – at an event, our store in Indianapolis City Market or at a Farmers Market - he’s there for you too – giving his best, often on a few hours sleep – and after having worked his ‘regular’ job at IPL.  He loves to give samples – you don’t even have to ask J

We know where our chocolate comes from – do you?

You get slammed with so many terms – premium, organic, fair trade, free trade, local, sustainable, single-origin, Grand Cru – it does get confusing. Everyone wants to convince you what they have is what you should buy…..and frankly, in the world of chocolate it is easy to get a bit confused and overwhelmed. Yes, there is a lot of ‘bad chocolate’ out there. We define ‘bad chocolate’ as chocolate that 1. Doesn’t taste good – fillers and junk added 2. Are the result of poor growing/producing practices and/or result of labor practices using children or cheap labor that doesn’t provide meaningful means of support. 

So here is the bottom line for CFTS regarding our chocolate

All (and I do mean all) of our chocolate is sustainably sourced, growers are paid ABOVE fair trade – (often 30% above) Why? Because they supply the ultra-premium, Grand Cru (best of best), single-origin chocolate we use across our entire line all the time. We know exactly where all our chocolate comes from (all Central and South America – Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic) – these grower relationships are special and treasured. From the growers, the beans are then shipped to Switzerland where they are processed by some of the best masters in the entire world.


Looking for organic chocolate? The market is flooded with poor quality organic chocolate. That’s why we are so proud to bring you what we believe is some of the best organic chocolate in the world from the Dominican Republic and Peru. Our base chocolate has received many accolades from some of the world’s most knowledgeable chefs and experts…in a single word, the chocolate is clearly, BEYOND – including exclusive access to the World’s Rarest Chocolate, Pure Nacional – deemed by many to be the best chocolate in the world…given high praise by New York Times and Anthony Bourdain. To learn more about the World of Chocolate, look for upcoming education and tasting classes from Chocolate for the Spirit.  


At the end of the day – labels don’t tell us nor you how good the chocolate is – but your taste buds do. You will taste the difference – and that is what Chocolate for the Spirit is all about, the TASTE. Truly superior chocolate for discriminating palates.


 Enjoy, Share, Repeat!


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Liz B.
Liz B.

October 13, 2013

We met at Indy’s Chocolate Fest and you were not kidding when you said you have the best toffee! It’s absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait to get more at City Market! Thank you!!

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