It's Fall y'all! Online Orders Resume, Welcome Back

October 10, 2020

The busy season begins now! All your favs are back - and new items too! Make sure to get some of my new Single Origin Drinking Chocolate for those cooler evenings. Heck, who am I kidding - sometimes that's my breakfast! LOL 
Please gift Chocolate for the Spirit this season. I'm not a big manufacturers who makes their holiday treats months in advance. Mine are made fresh and I truly use some of the world's best chocolate - ALWAYS. Since I'm the maker, I can only make so much - truly limited. Each year I have to turn business away so I can ensure all orders received are made and shipped in time. Please pre order for holidays now - much appreciated. 
I always planned to be a creative artisan who personally develops and makes my chocolates and treats, At one time I had 2 brick and mortar stores and employees - but what I'm doing right now is what I always envisioned. I retired from 30 years in the corporate world - this is my passion, my love and YOU are my muse.  
Yours in Spirit,
Chocolatier Julie

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