It's Fall y'all! Online Orders Resume, Welcome Back

November 23, 2019

Hi, I do make everything - and Choc Doc helps wrap. Go ahead and call us a Mom and Pop company - that's who we are!

We're not on AMAZON or in all the big stores - BECAUSE we never intended to be a manufacturer - ALWAYS intended to be a true artisan chocolatier using some of the world's rarest and finest chocolate and luxurious ingredients (both local and from around the world). 

We just returned from one of the most prestigious chocolate events in North America, Salon du Chocolat NY, where we rocked it! 

Of course we could change our business model - but we're doing what we love for people we love (YOU) and we're staying with our plan.

Get your holiday orders in NOW, as you likely know - we're limited in our production/offerings.

Thankful for all of you!

Enjoy, Repeat and Share 

Chocolate for the Spirit, Indulgence for the Soul,

Chocolatier Julie

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