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"Turtle" Chocolate/Caramel/Pecan with Sea Salt

Who else uses such Premium Swiss chocolate for their "Turtles"? When we tell folks we use premium chocolate across our entire product line, we mean it!  Our 36% Milk Chocolate or 60% Dark Chocolate Box Turtles have all the ingredients you'd expect in a turtle - chocolate, pecans, caramel - but you've not had 'em like we make 'em!  Premium chocolate, deep rich caramel (we make our own using fresh cream, butter and cane sugar - then slowly stir it 'for a very long time') for a depth of flavor you don't usually find in a turtle.  We use fancy pecan chopped up leftover bits - enjoy the big bites of pecans.  For a finishing touch, we sprinkle French Sea Salt on top - sweet and salty and oh so delightful. Voila, "Sea Turtle". 1 Turtle per package Makes a great gift too!



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