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Making my list and checking it twice - Santa Lady has finalized her list of special Holiday Treats!
"New School Peppermint Bark" My new twist on old favorite - received awards from International Chocolate Salon - includes pistachios, pecans, cranberries, of course peppermint and touch of edible silver flakes
"Santa's Secret Stash" - can't tell you what it is but chocolate, caramel, pecans and bourbon are 'involved'
"Sugarplum Truffles"
Holiday Bar Collection: "Gingerbread Bliss", "Peppermint Merriment", "Sugarplum Enchantment" & "Nutcracker Fantasy"
"Santa Stashes" - Pearly White Chocolate Moustaches
"Gingerbread Bark" - Ginger 3 ways and Chocolate
"Cocoa for the Spirit - Holiday Blend"
"Jolly Bark" - Chocolate,Caramel, Almonds, Pecans, Toffee Bits

"Triple Mint Truffles" 


Chocolate dipped Dried Fruits - Candied Orange Peel, Candied Ginger and Apricots
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
Ganache filled, Chocolate dipped Dates