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Organic 42% Milk Chocolate Swiss Spirit Bar (Grand Cru, single origin Dominican)

When searching for a source for premium chocolate we turned to Swiss experts known for producing some of the world's best chocolate. Love creamy, rich Milk Chocolate? Value sustainability, fair labor, and organic growing practices? Our Swiss Spirit Bar features Organic 42% Milk Chocolate made from single-origin (Dominican) cacao beans and Swiss milk. A harmonious cream, caramel aroma compliments the lightly acidic cacao note of this milk chocolate. Close your eyes and savor a hint of ripe banana with a finish enhanced through spicy vanilla and malt notes.

Chocolate for the Spirit is honored to introduce this truly superior chocolate to those who deserve it most, our awesome customers, YOU!   3.5 oz

Enjoy it with all your senses, savor all the flavor notes, share and repeat!   

Origin: Dominican Republic


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