We're not accepting any more orders at this time - we're swamped! artisan@chocolateforthespirit.com

Not accepting orders as of 11/26/2020 - We're swamped with orders for holidays. Make sure to receive our newsletter to know when we return.

Thanks, Chocolatier Julie

To those who ordered, please make sure we have a valid email and phone number to reach you. We've attempted to reach out to coordinate shipping.

In general here are shipping plans:  

The Advent Calendars ship November 28! 

Aside from the Advent Calendars, Holiday Collection orders without Truffles and Bonbons begin shipping first week of December and orders with Truffles and Bonbons (including the Buddhas) typically ship Dec 16-18.

Thanks so very much for thinking of CFTS for you gifting end enjoyment!


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