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 Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I ship internationally?
Currently we ship only to U.S mainland. 
Can I mix and match truffles and bonbons?
Yes, for custom assortments contact us Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern.  

What if I want all dark or all milk chocolate truffles and/or bonbons?
If you do not find the combination you desire from our online store, please call us at 1.317.518.8842.

Where is my order?/How to track a package?
When you place your order on the website or by phone, if you provide an email address, you will receive an email on the evening that your package(s) ships out with shipping details that you can use to track your package.

How do I place a wholesale order for my retail store?
We would love to speak with you about carrying Chocolate for the Spirit product in your store! Please call us at 1.317.518.8842.  

I had a collection that I do not see on your website anymore. Where did it go?
We have seasonal collections that are available only during specific months due to the seasonal ingredients we use in our chocolates. Check back frequently for new collections!

What is your return policy?
If you are unsatisfied in any with your purchase, please contact us at 317.518.8842. We want to make your experience with Chocolate for the Spirit a pleasant one. 

Does Chocolatier Julie make the chocolate creations? 

Chocolatier Julie loves to make the chocolates. She develops all recipes, makes many of our creations and oversees production of Team Chocolate when they help make our chocolates. .

Are Chocolate for the Spirit chocolates handmade?
Yes, Chocolatier Julie infuses the spices in the cream, some of them are hand-rolled, dipped and topped .  We use chocolate tempering machines to help temper large quantities of chocolate.  

What is your base chocolate?
We use a variety different chocolates with specific ingredients (e.g. fruit purees, spices, herbs, roots). 
We select superior Swiss-processed Chocolate that adheres to these Standards for quality to guarantee the uniqueness and purity of every individual product:
*Noble Grade Cacao Beans Criollo & Trinitario for our Grand Cru Couvertures
*Superior aromatic Forastero Cacao Beans for our Surfine & Classic Couvertures
Cacao beans originate from Maracaibo (Venezuela), Sambirano (Madagascar), Arriba
Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Java (Indonesia), Amazon region Beni (Bolivia), Samaná (Dominican Republic), SuhumKraboacoaltar District (Ghana)
*Correct social and sustainable working and production conditions
*Guaranteed and fair prices for the cacao producers
*Close and regular contact with the farmers
*Respect for environmentally sensitive issues – optimal use of natural resources
Finest Raw Materials
*Cacao butter of pure prime pressing – no additional vegetable fat
*Cream and milk products only of Swiss Origin
*Natural pure soy lecithin certified GMO free
*Authentic, natural Bourbon vanilla originating from Mananara, Madagascar
Traditional Processing
*Original, traditional gentle processing methods
*Greatest technical know
how and innovation
*Complete production from the finest cacao bean to exquisite chocolate

What makes these chocolates different than other?
Grand Cru, single-origin chocolate is featured - most of our chocolate is so premium the growers are paid 30%+ over fair trade for their cacao. Less than 1% of the cacao grown in the world is the quality of our Grand Cru chocolate. We also use only fresh and natural ingredients without any preservatives.  We use exotic ingredients from all around the world, highest quality local ingredients and even grow some of our own organic  herbs, such as our lavender.    

What are fresh cream truffles and bonbons?
The ganache centers are made with fresh cream and butter instead of oils or other preservatives.

What does infuse mean?
A synonym for infuse is steep, to combine something dry with something wet to extract the flavor of the dry ingredient. You do this when you pour boiling water over tea leaves. The same concept holds true when you infuse/steep Lavender buds into cream. It is then mixed with the chocolate to make the soft ganache.

What is an emulsion?
An emulsion is a liquid or semi-solid in which globules of fat are evenly distributed throughout. An example is ganache or mayonnaise, butter etc.

What is ganache?
It is an emulsion of chocolate and cream.

Where are chococolates made? 
Current production is in our studio located in Shelbyville, IN.   
Do you use any organic ingredients?
Yes, we use as many organic ingredients as possible! Our Primal Spirit bars are organic – best dark organic chocolate we’ve ever tasted.  

Can you explain the shelf life of your products?
Shelf Life refers to the length of time the product will remain fresh after you receive it. Please review product labeling for details.

Why is your chocolate premium priced?
We specialize only in Fine Chocolate, not commodity or candy grade with added oils and fillers. We use the finest ingredients and the highest quality chocolate in all of our products. Many of our ingredients are exotic and come from all over the world. Our products require a great deal of care, which is costly.

Which chocolates contain alcohol?
We have small amounts of spirit reductions in some of our creations – for instance we reduce beer for our Beer Ball Truffles. Actual alcohol content is extremely minimal and for purpose of flavoring – for instance vanilla extract. Our product labeling specifies ingredients.

Do your creations have partially-hydrogenated fats or oils?
No, we use all natural ingredients, which means no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated  fats or oils.

What is “blooming” on a chocolate bar and is it safe to eat?
Chocolate bloom is the whitish film that can discolor the surface of chocolate. It is quite common and is actually the cocoa butter or fat within the chocolate rising to the surface. Fat bloom is usually caused when the chocolate is exposed to a change in temperature. The cocoa butter separates from the chocolate and rises to the surface creating the “dusty” appearance. Blooming is a cosmetic issue and not a safety issue. Bloomed chocolate is safe to eat. 

What allergens are contained in your products?
Please read product ingredients carefully – people with high degree of allegen sensitivity should only consume products made in facilities that guarantee no cross contamination. Because our products are all made in the same facility, they may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk proteins and pearl dust (allergen: shellfish) or other allergens


Where did the name “Chocolate for the Spirit” come from?

Chocolatier Julie named the company while enjoying a retreat in Sedona, Arizona.  Our creations are meant to lift the spirit of everyone in our business  as well as all our customers.