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We are a true artisan chocolatier. Our gourmet chocolates are handmade fresh daily in limited quantities…that’s why our customers love them! We use some of the best chocolate available in the world for our chocolate confections. First come, first serve – and do share!

We select superior Swiss Chocolate that adheres to these Standards for quality to guarantee the uniqueness and purity of every individual product:
*Noble Grade Cacao Beans Criollo & Trinitario for our Grand Cru Couvertures
*Superior aromatic Forastero Cacao Beans for our Surfine & Classic Couvertures
Cacao beans originate from Maracaibo (Venezuela), Arriba‐Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Samaná (Dominican Republic) and Pure Nacional (Peru)
*Correct social and sustainable working and production conditions
*Guaranteed and fair prices for the cacao producers - often 30% above fair trade rates
*Close and regular contact with the farmers
*Respect for environmentally sensitive issues – optimal use of natural resources
Finest Raw Materials
*Cacao butter of pure prime pressing – no additional vegetable fat
*Cream and milk products only of Swiss Origin
*Natural pure soy lecithin certified GMO free
*Authentic, natural Bourbon vanilla originating from Mananara, Madagascar
Traditional Processing
*Original, traditional gentle processing methods
*Greatest technical know‐how and innovation
*Complete production from the finest cacao bean to exquisite chocolate

Here’s just a few of our fan favorites creations using some of the world’s best chocolate:

“Beauty Bark” /Rich, Regal, Real Gold! Exquisite, Swiss Chocolate (White, Milk or Dark Chocolate) infused with a warming custom spice blend then heavily dotted with gorgeous dried fruits and exotic nuts. Lightly touched with Pink Himalayan Salt (King of Salts in the Culinary world) garnished with edible gold – Real Gold! Can you say indulgence? Makes a beautiful gift (get an extra one to treat yourself)

Gourmet ToffeeGourmet Toffee “The best I’ve ever had…” These are the words we continue to hear when people savor the first bite of our handcrafted, small batch toffee. What’s our secret? It’s all in the spoon-the wooden spoon, owned by the artisan’s Grandmother, who inspired us to create incredible toffee the old-fashioned way, hand stirred with a wooden spoon, in small batches, with the very best ingredients.  


Primal Spirit BarPrimal Spirit Bar This is our ‘no apology bar’. We won’t apologize for this 74% Dark Chocolate, organic bar. Hands down the best dark chocolate bar we have ever, ever tasted – and we’ve tasted them all! Bar is in segments for easy sharing or enjoying a bit each day. Perfect for a dinner party – great with wine. Don’t wait any longer to try truly outstanding Dark Chocolate – order now 

Golden Tiger SwirlGolden Tiger Swirl Is your inner chocolate beast on the prowl for quality? Try our Golden Tiger Swirl gourmet bark! It’s an exotic mixture of premium Swiss white, milk, and dark chocolates for the true chocolate connoisseur. This triple chocolate boost is combined with peanut butter, pecans, fleur de sel and edible gold, REAL GOLD, for a roaring good taste. Try it today and see why this chocolate is good for your Spirit.

Mayan Spice BarMayan Spirit Bars Enjoy a bar fit for a Mayan! The Mayan Cocoa God bar is our tribute to the origins of chocolate. Made in 72% Dark Chocolate or 38% Milk Chocolate, our bar is given a light Mesoamerican kick with cinnamon, chipotle, and chili spices. A subtle fire for the soul. Spicy….but not too hot! Picked as top 5 favorite by Gourmet Magazine “The Nibble” at The Chocolate Show, NYC 

Here’s just a few of our fan favorites Bonbons!

Assorted Gourmet Artisan Chocolates

Purple Sue
72% Dark Swiss Chocolate Rose with Raspberry/Rose-oil Ganache – highlighted with eye-catching edible purple luster dust!

East meets West
Milk Chocolate filled with a rich Milk Chocolate Ganache infused with Saigon Cinnamon and touched with bourbon reduction

Cinnamon Hazelnut
Milk Chocolate filled with Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache and infused with Saigon Cinnamon

Salted Caramel Ganache Bonbon
Milk Chocolate with creamy Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Ganache (did you know Pink Himalayan salt has matured for over 250 million years – that’s why it is so highly prized!)

Due to the delicate nature of our chocolates, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place. The best choice for storing our chocolates is 65 degrees F and low humidity.

Should you need to store them longer than than two weeks, please wrap them in two, tight layers of plastic food wrap and store them in your freezer. To enjoy them, thaw in a refrigerator for 12 hours, followed by 12 additional hours at room temperature.


Enjoy, Share, Repeat