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3 Months of Chocolate only $99

Special offer - Limited - Reg $150 just $99 - order by Jan 14, 2019

3 Months of Chocolatier Julie’s amazing artisan chocolate creations made with some of the world's best chocolate.  We'll send over a pound of our award-winning artisan chocolates each month.  Selected items from our Bars, Toffee, Bark, Bonbon&Truffle, and Specialty Collections

Each month we'll add a seasonal touch - You'll receive an email to confirm your purchase and the three months purchased.  Additionally we'll notify you by email prior to each monthly shipment - you'll be charged a one-time shipping charge for all three months of just $9.99. 

Seasonal items include:

January - Cocoa for the Spirit - fans love the warming spices in this European style rich, cocoa. 8 ounce mix & S'Mores

February - You know we'll be including amazing heart bonbons timed for Valentine's Day. 

March - We'll add an Irish touch with our Bailey's Truffles

 $99 for 3 months - includes shipping - you're welcome!


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