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Another Winner! 42% Milk Chocolate California Spirit Bar with Almonds

International Chocolate Salon Winner!

Here's how we suggest you enjoy this Grand Cru, Single Origin, Organic 42% Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Feel the California sun shining down on your smiling face. Hear the surf rushing in and then back out again creating a rhythm that practically hypnotizes you. Peel off the wrapper, open your mouth and take a bite - let the creamy milk chocolate linger and slowly melt across your tongue. Now crunch into the California almonds and savor their sweetness accented with a hint of sea salt.  Dreamy, Organic 42% Milk Chocolate made from single-origin (Dominican) cacao beans and Swiss milk - a Grand Cru Chocolate and our tribute to memories of California. Best Milk Chocolate we've ever tasted. Chocolate for the Spirit is honored to introduce this truly superior chocolate to those who deserve it most, our awesome customers, YOU!   3.5 oz

Enjoy it with all your senses, savor all the flavor notes, share and repeat!   


Origin: Dominican Republic


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