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Earl Grey Tea Truffles "Lucky Little Rabbits" 9 PC

EARL GREY Tea Truffles - Lucky Little Rabbits

Gift packaged box with 9 Little Rabbit Earl Grey Truffles

These decadent Earl Grey Chocolate Truffles are made with our single-origin (Ghana), 60% Dark Chocolate - our favorite artisan Earl Grey Tea, local fresh Cream and Butter....luxurious, beautifully decorated and packaged for decadent enjoyment or gifting.

Rabbits are a symbol of renewal and luck - a little card included tells the story of rabbits. Decorative mineral luster on chocolate may vary according to Chocolatier Julie's inspiration or season.

She carefully sources her chocolate from certified FAIR DIRECT CACAO - the cacao beans are purchased directly from the source with long term contracts that guarantee cacao farmers security. Only highest quality cacao beans with complex and intensive flavor profiles are used. Premium prices are paid to the farmers that allow them to use their natural resources so that sustainability is guaranteed for future generations.

CFTS is an Award Winner - including 4 Stars Best Chocolatiers in America 

Chocolatier Julie personally makes everything in her commercial chocolate studio and in compliance with the Shelby County, IN Health Department.

If you are sending this as a gift, no worries, no pricing receipts are in shipments. 

Shipping is USPS 1-3 day priority - you will receive a tracking email.  

In the case that you experience a problem, please send a message to artisan@chocolateforthespirit.com so we may respond quickly to your concern.
We strive for a great chocolate experience.

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