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Gingerbread Bliss Holiday

Growing up, we always looked forward to cooler weather – time to bake gingerbread. Don’t you love the aroma of gingerbread baking in the oven? We sure do. Our holiday celebrations included decorated gingerbread men. When time allowed, we went all out and created gingerbread houses. One of our gingerbread houses even held up for 3 whole years

Gingerbread can be traced to ancient times with the Greeks and Egyptians who used it for ceremonial purposes. In the 11th century it made its way to Europe and became popular as spice trade from the Middle East made spices readily available. The first gingerbread man is believed to be one baked at the direction of Queen Elizabeth I to impress a visiting dignitary by presenting him one decorated in his own likeness.

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel – the fairy tale published by the Brothers Grimm in the 19th century? In the story, Hansel and Gretel followed breadcrumbs that lead them to a beautiful gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses became popular in Germany and later in the Americas as a result of the popular fairy tale.

Let’s recapture the spirit of our youth and create a new memory together with Chocolate for the Spirit’s “Gingerbread Bliss Chocolate Bar” - a very special bar we’re excited to add to our Holiday Bar Collection. Indulge in Premium Milk Chocolate combined with Handmade Gingerbread, Warming Spices, and Candied Ginger. Gingerbread Bliss Chocolate Bars are handmade with a joyful spirit especially for our awesome customers. YOU!

Enjoy with all your senses, savor all the flavor notes, share and repeat!

Yours in Spirit,

Julie (Artisan Chocolatier)

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