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Nutcracker Fantasy

Our family had a wooden nut bowl with a metal nutcracker and picker – did you have one of those? Perhaps you still do? Our wooden nut bowl appeared each fall from its hiding place and took a prominent spot on the hearth, filled with nuts all winter long for our enjoyment. The assortment of fancy nuts included pecans, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts. While some nuts cracked easily others were more of a challenge and required a little finesse to extricate the delicate nut meat from its hard shell.  

During the holidays we lined up our collection of decorative wooden nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel. Nutcrackers in the form of soldiers, knights, kings or other professions originated in the 15th century and originally were used to crack nuts…make sense? Today’s nutcrackers are mostly for decoration. The ballet, The Nutcracker, is based on this festive traditional symbol of Christmas that originated in Germany.

Nuts are a favorite treat of ours, especially at holiday time – so combining fancy nuts with amazing chocolate to include in our Holiday Bar Collection was a simple decision. Let’s start a new holiday memory together with Chocolate for the Spirit’s “Nutcracker Fantasy Chocolate Bar” We’ve cracked the nuts for you J Our Nutcracker Fantasy Chocolate Bars are handmade with Premium Chocolate, Fancy Nuts and a joyful spirit..made especially for our awesome customers. YOU!

Enjoy with all your senses, savor all the flavor notes, share and repeat!

Yours in Spirit,

Julie (Artisan Chocolatier)

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