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74% Dark Chocolate Primal Spirit Bar

Dark Chocolate Lover's Delight! Just like a fine wine, this Grand Cru, single-origin (Dominican) 74% Dark Chocolate delivers beautiful after notes. The elegant, robust cocoa presents tender notes of black tea and a hint of tobacco. The traditional and gentle processing method (72 hours conching) assigns to this exceptional chocolate a fruity tinge which is sustained with a hint of refreshing orange flavor and a pleasant grapefruit sharpness. Enjoy the long lasting and festive ending. 3.5 ounces of awesome!

Our organic dark chocolate is sustainably sourced from a rainforest certified Dominican Republic plantation with roots back to the 18th Century. Primal Spirit Bar is one of the best dark chocolates we've ever tasted and a hit at prestigious chocolate shows coast-to-coast, including the NY Chocolate Show.  Bars are segmented and fantastic for sharing or breaking off a piece for ultimate daily enjoyment. Yes, this chocolate delivers all the healthy benefits of dark chocolate.  Makes a perfect gift!   Indulge. Share. Repeat 

 Our premium, Grand Cru, Single Origin Organic chocolate - 74% Dark Chocolate with gorgeous after notes like a fine, fine wine! For the true dark chocolate lover. Hands down the best dark chocolate we've tasted. 3.5 ounces of awesome!



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