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Peppermint Merriment

Love the holidays? We sure do - such wonderful childhood memories. We eagerly awaited the annual visit with Santa to give him “the list”. Our Santa visit always ended with presentation of a peppermint candy cane which our parents immediately secured for later enjoyment so sticky little hands wouldn’t spoil the special outfit worn especially for our visit and photo with Santa. Sound familiar?    

Here’s another peppermint holiday memory – making peppermint candy wreaths. Have you ever made one? The hours spent securing individual cello wrapped peppermints onto the wire frame were rewarded with a delightful holiday decoration that also provided weeks of peppermint enjoyment – cutting candies from the wreath with little rounded edge safety scissors attached to the wreath with a festive red velvet ribbon.

So, given our memories – it seemed only natural that we’d include peppermint in our Holiday Bar Collection. Let’s start a new holiday memory together with Chocolate for the Spirit’s “Peppermint Merriment Chocolate Bar” A delightful little extravaganza of premium chocolate combined with handmade peppermint candy. Peppermint Merriment Chocolate Bars are handmade with a joyful spirit especially for our awesome customers. YOU!

Enjoy with all your senses, savor all the flavor notes, share and repeat!

Yours in Spirit,

Julie (Artisan Chocolatier)

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