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World's Rarest Chocolate "Forever Bar" - 6 Bars Gift


World's Rarest Chocolate Forever Bars


Pure Nacional, The World’s Rarest Chocolate 

Taste the Discovery….

Yes, made with the rare cacao featured on

CNN's Emmy award-winning show "Parts Unknown"

with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert

Not only is this truly the world's rarest chocolate, many believe it to be the best as well

The Cacao trees are so precious - they must be guarded by militia

Pure Nacional, originally discovered in Ecuador in the 1600’s dominated the fine chocolate market in Europe and the United States.  Suddenly struck by disease in 1916, Pure Nacional disappeared and this famous chocolate with delicate fruit and floral flavors was lost for nearly 100 years.

Thought to be lost FOREVER, this rare cocoa was rediscovered in a remote area of Peru. The ‘mother tree’ of this rare white bean, Pure Nacional, was found on the farm of the Don Fortunato in the Maranon Canyon.  The 4th USDA genetic sample tested is officially recognized as the rediscovery of legendary Pure Nacional, the chocolate name-Fortunato No. 4.

Chocolate for the Spirit is honored to be one of the world’s select chocolatiers to use Fortunato No. 4 - a  truly amazing chocolate, a chocolate connoisseur’s treasure. “This chocolate is intense, with a floral and persistent mellow richness. The lack of bitterness is remarkable” – The New York Times

Lost then found. Returning to the world of chocolate – to be loved FOREVER by Chocolate for the Spirit

Ingredients: 68% Single Origin (Peru) Organic Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter) - (6) 2oz Bars  


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